Syrups or sharbats are best for summers! We all know that, anything cold and sizzling cool when goes in our stomachs in hot and steamy summers, we feel relaxed. But wouldn’t be great if something soothing, calming and also extremely tasty accompanies us in summers. We take care of that, as we present you all range of sharbats/syrups which have been loved since ages. We feel extremely hot in summers, obviously, and want to avoid the hustle of going to the market under the sun to buy sharbats. Don’t worry we take care of that as well. Our online shop makes sure we deliver your loved sharbats at your doorstep so that you don’t have to face the harsh sun. Online shopping of sharbats can not be easier than this.

Our range of sharbats/syrups has the aromatic rose syrup/sharbat, the calming shankhpushpi syrup/sharbat, the royal kesar syrup/sharbat and the evergreen khus syrup/sharbat. Enjoy your summers feeling relaxed in your sofa with a glass of sharbat.

Happy summers to you!


Shankhpushpi is famous for its anti anxiety and calming properties. So is our Shankhpushpi Syrup. The cooling, calming and mood stabilising syrup can be had with cold water, milk , in summers or winters! Know more about it!


Kesar or Saffron, at one point of time culinary history was considered one of the most costly ingredients. But,you can indulge yourself in the rich flavor of kesar with Meghdoot’s kesar syrup at an affordable price . This dark yellow, thick syrup emanates a strong flavor and delivers a sweet taste. Know more about it!


Khus syrup with chilled water is soothing, refreshing and tasty, especially in summers. Sip on it, mixed with water,or milk, top it over your desserts, add it in mocktail and enjoy the mature and earthy smell and taste of Khus. We ensure you our Khus syrup will surely be your best friend when you need that “extra boost” in summers! Know more about it!


Everyone loves roses! And it’s so great if we could get rose as a syrup? and use it in milkshakes, desserts, ice cream or may just with cold water in hot summers? Try Meghdoot’s rose syrup, one of the most loved products to relieve yourself from the fierce weather in summers. Know more about it!