Enjoy the delectable and fruity flavor of juicy and fresh strawberries, from Maharashtra in it’s best form. This strawberry jam is made from real strawberries, farm fresh, washed,pulped, cooked with sugar and packed in hygienic conditions.  The strawberry jam is best for morning breakfasts on toasts, parathas or in smoothies. It goes very delicious with ice creams as well.

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Available sizes-

  • 500 grams

We at Meghdoot ensure the food products are packed in a completely sanitized situation with no leakage. Our jams are packed in glass jars.


  • 500 grams- Rs 120

Drop us a mail on help@meghdootfoodpro.in or call us on +91 7860386884 to place your order. Paytm & NEFT accepted for payments.