At Meghdoot, we believe in quality over quantity. Our products are manufactured with utmost attention to the quality of ingredient used, the hygiene of the working environment and the boost of health & nutrients delivered to you. We don’t promote usage of any kind of artificial colors or flavors. Whatever we add in products, it’s straight from mama earth and packed with immense love into jars.


Welcome to our online pickle store where you find variety of pickled products in a simple yet convenient to use online shopping store in India. Our pickles are one of the best pickles available online.We don’t boost about it. Know more about it!


Jams have always a big part of every Indian family’s breakfast. We also want to join you in the same. Therefore, we present you fresh fruit jams online at our store at an affordable price. Know more about it!


Meghdoot juices are made with 100% fresh fruits with no added colors, flavor or water. They are straight squeezed fruits packed in bottles for you.
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Amla Murabba is one of the most general form of amla products available in Indian market today. Amla or gooseberry murabba carries all the nutrients in itself intact, untouched with laced sugar on top. Know about it!


Syrups or sharbats are best for summers! We all know that, anything cold and sizzling cool when goes in our stomachs in hot and steamy summers, we feel relaxed. But wouldn’t be great if something soothing, calming and also extremely tasty accompanies us in summers. Know more about it!


Amla candy/Gooseberry candy is a boon for the kids in today’s world. In today’s busy world, we want our kids to get the maximum nutrients possible also from a natural source. Know more about it!